Thursday, May 25, 2006

the small version

Researchers say that millions of dollars of revenue every year are wasted on employee's use of the internet and email while on the job. The internet has revolutionized the way we work today, and most employers have had to find ways to curb renegade usage of their employees. Most instant messengers, access to sites such as, and other sites are limited in order to improve productivity at the office. When employees are compromising office network security by opening email attachments, it can be a serious situation. So many offices block site all together. Job termination can and does result from misuse of the internet.

Does that solve anything? Will big brother always be looking over our shoulder? Ironically I thought about this subject while surfing the web, at work. When there is nothing to do, I just hang out and catch up on emails, and stuff. Is that unethical? Perhaps, but where I work no one seems to care as long as the job gets done. I'm sure that is the same justification millions of Americans use everyday to surf the web on the job.

Another note of interest: many employers are searching the web to find out information on employees or potential hires. Should those drunken pictures of you doing body shots at spring break be considered when your potential employer finds your myspace? Will your death metal tribute band ruin your chances at that big promotion? It is better to keep a low online profile and try to keep negative blogs from reaching management. Many have been dismissed from exaggerating and ranting about their job on the blog.

The moral of the story is: be safe.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the birds

Alfred Hitchcock had a good idea when he made the movie "the birds." perhaps he was ahead of his time, but this film reflects a theme heard on television these days. This film shows the fight for human survival once the birds have decided to descend on mankind. People get their eyes pecked out. A woman screams as birds crash and die against the glass of a phone booth. Just as the genocide begins, it ends.

So bird flu is still in the headlines. This time it appears that a family in Indonesia contracted the disease from contaminated poultry. Six of the seven family members have died. Though still rare in humans, h5n1 has killed 124 people world wide according to (a quarter being in Indonesia). h5n1 is spreading around the globe- well, around the old world for the moment. Since the first cases were diagnosed in Asia a few years ago- reports of contaminated fowl has come from Indonesia, turkey, and as far east as France. Migratory swans and other birds are to blame for the spread of the disease around Europe. In response, farmers and health workers have disposed of thousands of birds to prevent further contamination. Experts are at odds when the flu may or may not hit the western hemisphere. It will most likely arrive from poultry smuggling or something human made (some say as early as next year or by 2008). Human to human infection is still tricky, and the h5n1 virus hasn't mutated enough to pandemic proportions... But it could.

The flu epidemic of 1918-19 killed 20 million people within a few months. That's worse than the bubonic plague that struck Europe in the 14th century. Health officials don't want to miss the ball with this new strain of bird flu. Its been talked about. Talk shows joke about it. There isn't enough Tamiflu to go around if it hits. So what are we going to do about it?

I believe the way to keep clear of h5n1 is to stay the heck away from birds, poultry, fowl, and any other stupid type of birds. platypuses and other Australian evolutionary mess-ups are ok. It seems like all these cases where bird flu supposedly has struck are poor argicultural communities. Even if an outbreak occurs, the communist government that controls them will cover it up. By the time the news spreads, all of the Tamiflu will have dried up. A definite defense against this illness is questionable at most. What can you really do? Wear one of those surgical masks? Back when SARS was around Asia, those masks became something of a fashion trend. You could buy those sterile masks in many colors and styles. I don't know if something like that would be marketable to a cheerleading squad or an overweight mid-western teen.

So until bird flu gets closer to the US, I'll stick with my mad cow beef and grow deaf from loud rock music.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


i wrote a cool blog. then my browser crashed and sucked.

this blows.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

diet soda

Burger king has hit the nail on the head with their new commercial for the Texas Double Whopper called "Manthem." I don't know who's been in charge of advertising this past year, but burger king has had some great commercials. Give that man a raise. "Big Bucking Chicken" went on the air and I was mesmerised by a man in a chicken suit. Another ad shows a man dressed up as a king playing football or fake pushing a steel worker off a girder. Does the advertising work? I'm not sure. I've probably only been to burger king once this year. But I can't wait to watch their ads.

Along with better advertising BK has come up with some interesting menu items. Throwing caution to the wind, they've made the Enormous breakfast sandwich, the Meatnormous, and I saw a Triple Whopper (?!) on the menu the last time I went there. Critics of BK have argued that these items have no nutritional content and are a leading cause to obesity in the United States. They day that BK has no regard for American health. When a sandwich has over 900 calories is it too much? Is triple anything a good idea? many franchises are trying to or have cut down the calories and fat content in their menus to promote a healthier lifestyle. Since the movie "Super Size Me" showed us the consequences of eating greasy fast food, many having reevaluated what they eat at these restaurants. It seems that BK doesn't care about the statistics. If people like the food they make, then who cares what they force down their throats. But when your advertising jingle boasts eating "until my innie turns into an outie" does it really promote a positive message to the growing obese population in America?

good and bad

So why is president Bush's approval rating so low?

is it because of high oil prices?
is it because of phone taps after 9/11?
is it because hurricane katrina erased a major US city?
is it because he hates the national anthem sung in Spanish?
is it because he bombed Iraq?
is it because he never got international support for his little war in the middle east?
is it because he spread out our troops all over the globe?
is it because he nominated a chick for the supreme court that had little or no experience with law?
is it because his vice president shot someone?
is it because we need to secure our borders?
is it because he still believes there were WMD's in Iraq?
is it because he will continue to alienate himself from his party as well as the American people?
is it because no child is left behind?

I don't know what it is... But every time I tune into the news, or read the paper I see how his approval rating keeps sinking below the standard. How do they dig up those statistics anyway? Who and where do they poll to determine whether or not the president is doing a good job? And how much of the problems that we see on TV are related directly to the man from Texas? Does it really matter? I'm not too sure. I'm glad he was reelected for one reason: so I can laugh at his expense during late night talk shows and SaturdayNight Live.

Friday, May 19, 2006

good times

I guess I've been thinking a lot about food lately. I don't know why, but cooking again sounds like a fun thing to do. I've always wanted to at least have a side business catering parties or gatherings, but at the current time I lack the ability to do so. I'd also like to open up a pastry shop and specialty bakery someday... Probably when I'm old and there's nothing better to do. Its always good to think about what you want to do in life and then decide what you're going to do after. Some day I suppose.

enough about food. Yesterday I was up late looking for interesting programs or things on the internet. I found a number of music programs that I acquired in the late 90's that are now free (much to my amusement). Its interesting to see how things have changed on the web these days. Looking back only five or six years and it seems like the majority of the internet has been absorbed and digested in the mix. I spent the better part of the night looking for some fun stuff and this is what I found:
rubber duck
these programs were used in some of my earlier projects and musical experimentation. And I remember how cool these things were when I first saw them and now no one gives a crap.

I also ran into my friend's old site

I thought it was funny. I guess it just reminded me how funny I was back then. There's a lot of cool stuff out there on the internet. Go ahead. Waste a few hours.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Another long day at work. I guess I just make it hard on myself, arriving early for no reason, and because of technical difficulties leaving an hour late. I went out to eat tonight, and I'm sick of it. I'll be honest, I've been eating out too much. I don't have anything in my kitchen, so I have to go out and find something. I want to go to the grocery store and actually make something good to eat, but I never get around to it. I wish there was something good to eat around here.

I went to school to learn how to cook. Although I dropped out for reasons unknown, I know what to expect when I go out and try and eat something. I'm always looking for a new recipe to try out, and I just like to eat. I'm disappointed I guess. Maybe I'm not eating at the right places, but honest down to earth establishments are hard to come by. I'm not into the big conglomerate franchise-your-face type of place. I like to eat out at independently owned restaurants with unique and consistent food. When my food arrives and I stare down at my plate I want to see something that will excite me, and make me want to enjoy my food. Perhaps people are just used to less so they don't expect as much.

I made dinner for my family the other night, and even though I haven't cooked in a while I thought I did a good job. I made pasta and served it with a homemade simple Alfredo and chicken. Nothing too fancy- just simple good food. I know that something like that is labor intensive and if I went out to a restaurant and ordered something like that it would be expensive. But it was simple.

That's what's missing from most restaurants these days. Simplicity. Plates are overcrowded with food to satisfy our morbidly obese appetites. Refill after refill doesn't do anything to quench thirst. Most restaurants have the same menus that call the food by different descriptions. There's always a side of fries or salad. There's always a chocolate caramel brownie icecream dessert. As we get bigger and bigger food becomes less enjoyable and more of a way to satisfy our constant appetite for something quick and forgettable. What happens then?
chili's sounds pretty good.

I don't want to die.

I just want to eat.

Friday, May 12, 2006

eat it

Another day at work. The president of the credit union where I work took me and a bunch of my co-workers out to eat at P.F. Chang's. i'm not a big fan of Chinese food, but anything at that restaurant is pretty good, and when the boss is paying who gives a crap.

its funny to see who will just sit there and enjoy a nice meal over great conversation. Then there are some that would see this as an opportunity to kiss butt to the president of the company. I didn't really do either, but by the time dessert arrived I was sick of the banter. geeez.

I ate too much.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

done with what?

I've been working a lot lately. Since I started working at my new job I've been having a hard time getting anything done around the house. I'm tired when I get home and anything I had to do will have to wait because everything is pretty much closed at that time. Skip ahead a few hours and I have to return to work. an endless summer routine.

I guess I should get out more. I need something to do besides waiting by the mailbox everyday for my tax return. My website is coming along and should be done pretty soon. Besides all that, my time is taken. So why don't I feel like I've done anything?

I don't know. Tomorrow is my day off. I guess I should get out and do something.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

another episode

I think hunting shows are stupid. The last thing I need to see is an overweight middle-aged man sit on his butt in the middle of the forest luring animals within range of his gun. I guess that makes him "primal" or something. What makes this worse is the fact that people actually televise this crap and those too lazy to grab their guns and hunt actually watch it. That's entertainment.


Friday, May 5, 2006


So for the last 3 days I've been messing around on the computer making a website for some of the things I've done these past few years. I made a website for a computer science class I had about 6 years ago, but I haven't tried since then. I thought it would be fun to dig around the internet and see what I could come up with. Even though I have web software at my disposal I decided to come up with everything myself and write a chunky, boxy looking html site. I don't really care about the flashiness or the cool abilities other webpages have out there- I just want a simple stupid webpage.

So far its been hard, but I've put together a few pages that I hope to upload in a while. I'll admit it looks pretty sharp for not having done this before. Not too bad I guess. I just wish I had a better idea how to do this before I started.

html sucks.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

late night

late night tv.

There is nothing like it. Television networks compete for a broader audience and lure viewers with musical groups and special guests. How many networks are there? 3? Does FOX count as a network? They all compete for more viewers, which equates to more money, and a better ability to advertise. And the only way anyone is going to grab my attention is through clever programming and subliminal advertising.

I've always liked David letterman. I've gone through phases of not caring too much for late night talk shows, but I've always liked Dave. I think its his witty gross humor that make him funny. He's always bothering people in NYC and messing with CBS interns. Paul and his band aren't that bad, and compared to other shows, Paul's band has evolved with Dave to become more of a staple to the show. Other late night talk shows have little if any relationship with the house band, with the exception of Conan O'Brien (I'll talk about him later).
so I like Dave's show, big deal. That must make me anti-Leno...

I don't hate Jay Leno. I think he hasn't changed much in the past few years. I can tune in to Leno's show and see the same crap I saw two years ago. His show's format has a few jems that are worth watching. jaywalking consistently proves how stupid Americans are, and the majority of his guests are up to par with whatever these late shows can come up with. If he was funny I'd watch his show, but I don't see the "grab factor" that I get with dave's show. So if I had a choice, I'd watch Dave. But the night is far from over.

The king of late night is Conan O'Brien. I don't care who you are, he rules the television after Leno is over. If I had a choice I would abolish all other talk shows and just have the Conan show. I feel bad for whoever shares the same time slot as conan, because I don't know who they are, and I obviously am not watching their program. Conan has credibility as a writer for other shows and his program is consistently unique and worth watching. His quirky behavior either terrifies his guests, or ads to the madness. His interesting personality is able to grab a wider audience from the polarized Leno/Dave battle. Conan rules.

Everything that comes on after Conan O'Brien is crap. I miss Craig Kilborn. While its true that the Daily Show is now John stewart's masterpiece, it was Kilborn that started it with his smart sarcasm. Even though the late late show wasn't the best show, it was a reason to keep watching television into the early morning. Carson Daly can kiss my butt. His show is a horrible excuse for a waste of time. Daly is one person I wish would be erased from television completely.

I'm tired.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

better than tv

I'm working again, and I'm glad that I'm doing something more than just watching *M*A*S*H on tv or playing an endless stream of video games. I'm still waiting for another check from the government to help me pay off my credit card and get me started on a few things that I've thought of these past few weeks. It seems that I'm always thinking of something new to try on top of the growing list of things that I've already got. It keeps me busy and if I ever get around to finishing anything, then I'll feel pretty good.

I think its important to try new things every now and then. Maybe make something that you never thought possible before or learn to do something really complicated. Maybe its just me, but I enjoy the challenge. I don't finish everything I start, but I have fun doing things that make the time go by easier. Sometimes people just don't do enough.

I'm hungry. I'm going to eat something.