Saturday, February 25, 2006

yeah right

Sometimes life is rough. Sometimes you never stop to think about all the good things that come your way until a string of bad luck makes you wonder. I would say that most people sooner or later have a bad day. Sometimes it feels like a page out of a book or a scene from a movie.

I was late for work. When I came to a halt at the red light I knew that something was wrong. My car had sputtered and died and I was speechless. Turning the key didn't do much, and my car's engine struggled to turn. I tried this five or six more times and after a horrible noise my car came back to life. I wanted to make it to work on time. Today was like every other day. Coming to another stop I looked down at the oil pressure gauge to see it fall to nothing. My car dies again and to make matters worse there are 5 cars honking their horns impatiently behind me. Turning the key didn't help, my car struggled to turn on and it seemed like an endless row of cars had bypassed me angrily. As I sat there I almost laughed to myself, things like this happened to everyone. A guy pulled over and helped me push my car into the parking lot in front of my job and I was relieved to be a least out of the busy intersection.

I knew this was going to happen. Bad things seem to creep up when you're in a hurry. I should have done something. During the past few weeks I've noticed the lack of fuel efficiency and even short trips to school and back would eat a serious chunk of gas. On top of that my car was so sluggish and noisy that it made me nervous to go anywhere. I can't blame the cold weather everything something goes wrong, but I think it had an effect on it. Today was like any other, I had to get to work on time.

While I sat there in the parking lot trying to start my car, one of the guys that helped push me out of the road asked to see what was going on with my crappy car. We popped the hood, and he tried to start the car. After a few tries an loud bang shot out with a large black cloud from the tailpipe. This, on top of everything else, was the least of my worries.

Being late to work I slipped into the backroom trying not to draw attention to myself. I had a valid excuse if anyone bothered to care. I geared up for another endless shift, and as I was about to begin I heard my name over the intercom. Something was up. I never like talking to my bosses, and frankly I didn't think they cared much about what I did at work so long as the job got done. I was used to being assigned useless tasks, and this was probably another chance for my boss to explain important employees principles. As I entered the office I realized it was a trap.

Nothing says I love you like "we're laying you off."

Thursday, February 23, 2006


i hate

i do.