Tuesday, July 18, 2006

heat wave

Its too hot outside. Let's be honest here. I'm sick of the triple digit heat wave that's swept across the US. Ever since Al Gore's stupid movie came out the weather is getting worse and worse. I think we're in for some wicked weather this year, mark my words. Until then, expect this super heat wave to increase tension on the highways and melt anything inside your car. The other day I discovered a nasty smell in my car that was found to be coming from a half empty cup of chocolate shake that I had purchased a few days earlier. My fiance melted a wax candle on one of the seats in her car. I break a sweat thinking about it. I can't sleep anymore at night because the heat makes me so tired all day long. The heat is giving me ulcers. The heat made me forget to send out wedding invitations. Oh well.

I can blame the heat on a lot of things.

Monday, July 17, 2006

the crap weekend

So there I was.. half naked and sitting on a cold metal slab waiting for the technician to take an x-ray of my stomach. After a few minutes of waiting I was told to lay down as I the slab moved skyward and a large robotic camera device hummed loudly. Test results came back negative.

The next day I called in sick with minor stomach pain. On the way to the doctor's office I felt a sudden incredible pain that shot through my stomach into my back. I couldn't breath it hurt so bad. Finding a comfortable position was impossible as I yelled at my mother to drive freaking faster. At the doctors office I was asked to give a urine sample, and while I was standing in the restroom thinking about it, I vomited instead. The pain was getting worse and worse.

A desicion was made. They put me in the hospital overnight. By the time I arrived at my room I was delierious from the pain. An IV drip was stuck in my left hand and once the morphine kicked in I was happy as could be. After falling asleep and puking a few more times, I felt pretty good. My family came in to visit me and it really wasn't so bad. I ended up sleeping the rest of the day. The next morning they said I was free to go so I went home and haven't had any problems since. Bizarre.

They never found that kindney stone.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006


Going to the hospital sucks...

(to be continued)