Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Still can't find my @*%&$ cord for my scanner. I want to scan in some of my sketches. Still looking... My office is a disaster area. Can't find anything... ugh.

In the middle of this disaster is a pile of unfinished ideas and projects that I never have time to get to. I'm reading three? books right now, and each time I pick one of them up it takes a few pages before my brain remembers all the details. My road bike has become a tie rack in the meantime, because I just don't feel like replacing the headset right now. I need to reconnect all the cables to my mobile music workstation, which was unplugged while looking for the cord, and from when I moved my amp around. I just need to do it. Art blog in the works.

I've been drawing what seems to be caricatures of orthodox saints. They have cool beards, and serious expressions.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Haven't been motivated to blog.

I'm working on an art blog- if I could find the cord that connects my scanner to my computer. If I find it, I'll probably post something. Fixed my computer by the way.

Working on other things.

The situation remains the same.