Tuesday, July 21, 2009


poor neglected blog.

I'm going to try and bike more often to work. I've been able to ride at least a couple times each week, but it can be a challenge. I've got too many things to do after work which makes it hard to schedule in a longer ride if I have to be somewhere. That sucks.

The old bikes I've salvaged are falling apart too. Things are coming loose and falling apart, or are dirty and inefficient. It requires constant maintenance. I've switched back to my mountain bike, which runs like a champ, but the brakes need some adjustment. I think the only real solution would be to get a modern road bike. I think I'm just sick of having to fix things over and over.

I'm tired. I'm getting sick of these 11 hour days. I need more time to work on my "projects".

Nat and I just got back from a super anniversary weekend. It was awesome.