Sunday, March 4, 2012

Name Game

I can't decide on a name for my kid. We are having a girl in April and she doesn't have a name. I'm not worried though, because I don't decide until I actually know it is a child and not some space monster. Until then, I'll just have to veto all the bad names. My wife believes that this is heresy and that a name must be chosen to ensure our unborn child's ultimate success in this world. I don't really see the problem. We've still got time.

How do you name someone? I just don't like deciding things that are permanent. It's like getting a tattoo or LASIK or something. You could mess it up and that kid has to live with the name forever. A tattoo I can hide, but calling your kid some yuppie name is unacceptable. Do I live with weird name guilt because I've been harassed my whole life because I share the same name as a former frontiersman who died in the Alamo? I don't know. It's a strange situation.

I just don't want to be the guy with weird named kids. That's all.