Friday, July 15, 2011

self portraits

 I found some drawings I made not too long ago. They are self portraits while I worked away at my old job. 
 They all generally reflect an attitude of boredom and frustration I felt at the time. 

This last picture defines the many different moods one can feel during the day. There's a range of emotions felt based on the how things change from minute to minute. I suppose its just electricity and chemicals mixing around in the brain.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I ran another 5k yesterday. It was the biggest 5k I've ever ran, with thousands of people running and thousands of people passing me by. It was hot and I wasn't sure how I would do because I haven't been able to "train" for it. Who trains for a 5k? With all the stuff that I've been doing around here, I haven't been able to get out and run like I wanted to.

So I ran. I started off ok, and then started to taper off around mile 2. the first mile was great, but after that I run out of steam. It happens every time. I feel like I can keep going, but I just start to slow down. Everyone started to pass me. I'm just not a good runner.

I did cut off a minute from my PR though, which doesn't sound like much but considering  how bad my PR actually is, but I think it was pretty good. There was a hill towards the finish and that slowed me down. If the course was a little flatter, I think that I would have taken more time off.

It looks like I end up cutting between thirty seconds to a minute every time I run a 5k. If I keep up at that pace and keep working at it, it will just take me fifteen more 5ks to run competitively. Is it mathematical? I don't know. And I need to run faster. About twice as fast as I do right now.

We'll see how I do next year.