Friday, March 28, 2008

epic loot

I got some awesome birfday presents:

1. Panini Sandwich Press. I've wanted one of these for a long long time.. There is nothing better than the thin crispy crunch of a grilled sandwich and melted cheese layered between the finest meats.

2. Barack Obama book. I keep forgetting the title... Audacity of something? I don't know.. From what I've read it seems like one of those underdog books, like a book adaptation of the movie "Rudy" only minus the football and with more people yelling at each other. Obama vs. the World. The true story.

3. 6lbs. of gummi bears. When a little bag just can't do the job. I promised nat I would do my best to eat them as fast as possible. If I don't get my daily gummi intake I will go into fits and die.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


March is warming up. The snow is gone, and the cold has faded away.

The dog and I went for a walk yesterday. She still doesn't understand the concept of a leash, and sat there barking at me until I picked her up. I put her down and we started to run down the pathway by our house.

The situation at work is looking grim. More boring meetings, more bullcrap. People are leaving and changing positions and it looks like I'll have a terribly incompetent supervisor in the upcoming month. It doesn't look good, and everyone wants to abandon ship. I need a new job.

Taxes suck. Tuition sucks. Being poor sucks.

But the weather looks nice. I'd like to take advantage of it this summer.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I like cricket. When I lived in the British Virgin Islands I met a guy who was a stone cutter from St. Vincent. He played cricket, and we watched him and his squad play in the fields down where we lived in East End. When I was sitting in the laundromat there was always a cricket match on the television, which got me interested in the game. It isn't played widely in the US. Most people think cricket is confusing and complicated and they'd rather watch baseball. I don't know. I like that test matches last 5 days, and that the teams will play in the hot sun for 8 hours. I like that the bowlers huck a hard heavy ball and the batters use a sword-like bat to defend a "wicket". They not only have to hit the ball to score runs, but they are defending their wicket.

Cricket is a global sport, much like football (soccer). I don't think it has a place in the US. I don't
think it will ever be as popular as baseball or any of the other sports we watch over here.


I think everyone knows that I hate my job at the credit union- but its really getting weird here. I've always wanted to blog about it...honestly, the level of insanity is getting out of control. You people don't know what I put up with when I come into work everyday! I think it would require its own blog to contain to madness.

I come to work and feel like there are hidden cameras recording this. No one believes me!