Thursday, August 21, 2008


I went riding last night on the bike looking for some geocaches around my house. I suck at geocaching. I'll either find them or look like an idiot for ten minutes circling around looking for nothing. I found one last night, and I rode past a couple of others but there were too many people around that would see what I was doing. You have to be sneaky about it.

So yeah, I climbed two or three hills (they were real hills this time) and came to the top of one and puked. It was awesome. After a short recovery I rode back down by nat's school in search of another geocache. That didn't work out so well either: according to the GPS the cache was way out in the middle of a field... and crashing through chest high brush and sticker bushes wasn't in the plans so I gave up on that one. I came home tired, yet strangely satisfied.

Going out again tonight to find some others that have been too risky to find.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

alarm clock radio

Wake up to the smell and sound of bacon cooking.... yum!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Came home last night from work... played some ukulele (to my wife's annoyance- she was watching a stupid dancing show) and then went for a bike ride. I've given up trying to remove the stem myself... I'll eventually have to take it to a professional who has some real tools and can just do the job correctly (saw off the stem and remove/replace the whole thing). No big deal.

So I went up the road into Dan's old neighborhood. I went up a good hill... it nearly killed me. Once I got to the top I realized that the hill was more of a weak incline... Geez I'm out of shape. I rode a bike in Puerto Rico pretty much most the time, and while I was in Salinas I rode more than 20 miles a day. Good times. But these days just getting back to the biking mode will take some time.

I was chased by a big rottweiler dog, but its owner was able to call it back before it was able to get to top speed. After going there and back I came home.

Wii boxing is kicking my butt. I'm friggin sore from all the activity, which is contrary to my non-activity lifestyle.