Friday, January 21, 2011


Bloggering from work. I don't even care if big brother is watching.

I'm tired.

The suits at work showed up this morning. They're the kind of guys that get paid way too much for what they do, and they spend the rest of their time chainsmoking or getting their butts kissed. Big deal you collect cars. I collect magic cards and NES games. I can't wait for all of this lame business at work to end, I'm really stressed out about whether or not I'll even have this stupid job anymore. I'm still waiting to hear back from everyone else I applied to.

It gets discouraging when I bomb interviews. I feel awesome and confident, but thinking back I wonder what the crap I was saying back there. I remember physically biting my tongue to keep myself from rambling. If there was a rewind/erase button I would have pushed it by now.

So I'm starting to lie on job applications. See if that will increase the odds a little. I've been told that it is the only way to get around some of the automated gatekeeper programs that filter out crap applications. Problem is with the sheer volume of applications I send, that I forget what jobs I've applied for, if they ever get back to me. Still kinda sucks when I get those automated rejection letters. No, what really sucks is "Although you were not selected for this particular position, we encourage you to continue checking back and to apply for other jobs for which you qualify. Best wishes for your success." What the heck kind of #$%*@ is that?

I've been stripping the paint off of my electric guitar. I'm going to paint it orange. The chemical process has made the old paint a sticky toxic mess, like gross melted marshmallow sludge. While I had my doubts, the stuff actually worked, but I've got a huge mess to clean up. Ugh. I have to reconnect all the wires later... which means I'll probably screw it up. oh well. I haven't soldered anything in a while, so I'm probably a little rusty. It isn't rocket science.

I'm repainting my guitar so I can start another attempt at the RPM challenge. February is the month to make and record an album, much like November was for novel writing (I didn't finish my book, but I managed to write a lot). I've had some ideas for music for a long time... but besides a few demos and small recordings, I haven't really done much for about... geez... three or four years now? crap. Stay tuned.

I'm still tired.

Head over to if you want to listen to our podcast about stuff. We talk about weird crap. I think it is kinda funny.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've been too lazy to blogger.

Having fun with nat and camden.

Working on a podcast with garit and mark.

Going to paint my guitar orange.

Looking for a new job.

Going to apply to grad school.

Too much nintendo is a bad thing. Need a break.

Hope to have fun over this long weekend. Should be awesome.

Tired.... So sleepy....